Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Solid Run For Chris Palermo at Desert Storm Rally...

As part of one of Rally America's regional series the Desert Storm Rally is centered around Blythe, CA and features a solid mix of vehicles including a couple of rally trucks and a number of older vehicles.

One entrant in the March 12-14th event was Chris Palermo and his Sentra SE-R. The SE-R is still seen at numerous rally events around the country, driven by a number of owners and always seems to perform well for a 20 year old car. The SE-R is just shy of the 510 in its ability to just keep going and going and going in various rally series.

Palermo is a Hollywood stunt driver/actor having done a number of scenes for such "classics" like The Fast and the Furious and numerous other films as can be seen on his Palermo Productions website.

Chris finished 12th out of 22 entries on Saturday and 8th out of 19 on Sunday. A real solid effort for Palermo and his Nissan. Well done.

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