Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brass Monkey Racing--So, So Weekend...

So, not everything went as planned this weekend for Brass Monkey Racing...

Coming in, their stated goal was to get each vehicle to just finish each of the two weekend races. Steve Ott and the #96 GT-R had typical rookie luck on both days, crashing out on lap #1 on Saturday and retiring on lap #9 with a wheel problem on Sunday.

Tony Rivera who had an excellent 2009 World Challenge series performed well both days in his untested GT-R placing 7th and 8th on the two days.

Given that both GT-Rs were completely untested coming into the weekend and were showroom stock little more than a month ago, just being in St. Petersburg was an accomplishment. Hopefully Ott didn't do too much damage to his GT-R this weekend and they can get it prepped for the Long Beach, CA event in three weeks.

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