Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Weekend for Nissan's Across the Globe...

Right now at a bare minimum (before I spend more time looking for Nissans that were out racing this weekend) there is a 1st place for Krzysztof Holowczyc in the Italian Baja event and a 5th place finish for the Regent racing team of Mike Whitehouse in the ABSA Adenco 400 in South Africa.

Both of these finishes come from the Navara/Frontier and continue to show its durability and speed. Lets just hope there are no issues with the size any air intakes that would eliminate these fine Krzysztof???

Holowczyc's win in Italy should put him in a three way tie for the lead in the FIA International Baja series as each of the first three events (Northern Forest in Russia, Baja Italy and Saudi Arabian Ha'il Baja) had a different winner with the other winners either DNF/Q'ing or not entering the other two events...

Whitehouse's 5th place privateer finish was in his first event behind the wheel of his Nissan and marks the first full season in over a decade without Glyn Hall running a factory Nissan effort in South Africa. Hall meanwhile has moved over to Toyota and had a most unpleasant first effort with both his factory vehicles DNF'ing. The Adenco 400 was the first event in the ABSA offroad season and at least puts a Nissan name up on the leader board.

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