Monday, March 15, 2010

Nissans Still Present in Short Course...

Not a lot of them mind you (two to be exact by my count) but there are at least two Nissan drivers left in off-road short course racing. Nissan drivers have taken the past two Rookie of the Year awards in LOORRS ('09) and CORR ('08) and while the '08 winner, Todd Cuffaro, has moved on to another manufacturer, Jimmy Stephensen remains with his Nissan Pro-Lite.

The other Nissan driver is Stephan Papadakis who has been better known for his drifting and drag racing exploits at times in partnership with Tanner Foust. He is now getting a taste for the dirt however in shortcourse.

The first LOORRS event of the year was last weekend in Las Vegas. Jimmy finished 12th out of 17 on Saturday and 8th out of 15 on Sunday. Stephan finished 9th on Saturday but did not run on Sunday. Pics below.

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