Monday, March 29, 2010

Nissan Juke and Infiniti QX56--Coming Right Up!!

Of direct interest to Nissan and Infiniti fans the new Nissan Juke and Infiniti QX56 (Nissan Patrol in the rest of the world) are to be introduced over the next two days at the NY International Auto Show.

And I'm heading there to cover the two introductions. I will try to post as many thoughts and pics and vids as I can over the next few days/week surrounding the introductions and hopefully the other manufacturers have there stuff set up so that after the Infiniti event on Wednsday I can poke around for a bit before hopping on a plane back home.


christopher said...

Wow! this is cool. I want to have an SUV. I saw this on tv and the features are great too. I haven't seen this model going on around here our village but when I get one, I will be the first one. Lolz.

Nissan Juke

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