Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nismo Stuff Racing Grabs the Win!!

This past Sunday, 3/7, NISMO Stuff Racing continued its early season Rallycross success. With the top RWD Rallycross competitor out of the event due to a failing transmission (no such problems with the Nissan) and other competitors avoiding the event due to the location's notoriously rocky, historically car breaking surface it was an easy win for the durable Frontier and a chance to push it to its limit.

While the General Tire Grabber A/Ts provided excellent traction on the loose surface, even they couldn't keep the RWD pickup planted enough to prevent the rear from swinging loose on the marbley surface and a number of cones would meet their maker.

Again I was impressed by the new Braille battery the truck is now running. The NISMO Stuff Racer had sat in my garage for a month after the last event and was not turned over once, so I was a bit worried as to if it would be able to retain its charge over the extended period of time. No worries though, the truck started right up and ran strong all day.

Lastly, with the strong performance here, NISMO Stuff Racing has moved into 1st place overall for the 2010 New England Region SCCA Rallycross series and looks to stay there for the remainder of the year. The next event is in Rochester, NH at the Rochester Fairgrounds, a grassy and packed dirt horse track which should bring out more RWD competitors with which to compete.

Thanks again to all team sponsors including: Nissan Motorsports, General Tire, Bullydog Performance Products, Braille Battery and Redline Rally. The year wouldn't be near the success it has been thus far without you!!

Season Results:
1/16 NER Regional Rallycross 3rd Place
1/17 NER Regional Rallycross #2 2nd Place
1/16 & 1/17 National Rallycross 1st Place
2/20 NER at NED Rallycross 4th Place
3/5 NER Slip-n-Slide Rallycross 1st Place

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