Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tesla Service Vehicle...

Tesla provides probably the best service of any auto brand--and thay have to given the cost of their vehicles and the intense scrutiny they are under with their electric car technology.

Today was the first time I've seen one of their service vehicles.  Spotted at the Best Buy in Salem, NH with MA plates and parked along with all the rest of the customers the Ford F150 was unattended but looked fully prepped for work.
In the bed of the truck and strapped down under a mesh cover were about eight mounted Tesla wheels and tires.  This shocked me a bit as thats about $3200 worth of wheels and tires just sitting out in the open for easy pickings...given the clientele in Salem I know I wouldn't leave my gear in the open like that--a tonneau cover or cap would be a good idea if Tesla is going to keep their valuables out in the open.

Inside the cab of the truck were the tools necessary for the usual roadside assistance--a jack, hand tools, fluids, etc.    There were no Teslas in the parking lot that I could spot so I'm still not sure what he was doing there nor why they would leave their expensive gear in the open...but what do I know...

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