Monday, November 4, 2013

Return of Red Bull Frozen Rush!

Have you ever seen BFGs like this? We didn't think so. Remember back earlier this year when I attended and covered for the Red Bull Frozen Rush event up at Mt. Snow?

Well, looks like Red Bull liked the event enough to put it on again.

This time at a bigger ski area and with EIGHT trucks racing each other rather than just one for demonstration purposes!

The 2014 version will feature both '13 Frozen Rush alum Ricky Johnson plus his Menzies Motorsports teammate Bryce Menzies (he of Baja, short course and Global Rallycross fame) and I guess six other invitees!!  Who will get the invite??  Likely other Menzies and Red Bull drivers such as Travis Pastrana (I'm guessing) who have short course truck experience.

The course will be gated (like a ski race course) and trucks will compete against one other vehicle at a time in a single elimination format.  Relocating the event to Sunday River in Maine gives the event a good deal more real estate to work with, a better chance of good snow conditions and putting it on a Friday in the middle of Sunday River's "College Week" virtually guarantees a good/rowdy crowd of target age consumers--though it does move the event a bit farther geographically.

So Ricky wasn't just blowing smoke when he said that having a full race on the snow with these trucks would be a really cool idea and Red Bull and Menzies look to make it happen.  I'm already looking to book that day off and attend!

Red Bull Frozen Rush 2014!!

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