Monday, November 25, 2013

Man Saves Cat in Middle of Benghazi Battle!

While the rest of the world has moved on to other events--Syria, Egypt (again), typhoons, flaming Teslas, etc. Libya remains an unmitigated disaster.  When the fall of Gaddafi occurred there was talk of Western nations and companies rushing into the country to begin divvying up the oil and other resources that were now open for plundering.  There was also talk of the coming democratization of the country and its acceptance into the modern world at large.

Sadly none of that has happened.  Instead you have what is but one of a growing number of failed states (Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Egypt to an extant, CAR, Angola, Western Sahara--Sensing a theme here??) where you have a state of civil war mixed with ethnic and religious zealotry fighting for control.  Ahhhh...progress!

That said...there are good people to be found in even the most wretched of circumstance.  Pictured here is one such individual.  In the middle of a firefight in Benghazi (yes, that Benghazi) we have a brave and caring young man taking his own life in his hands to attempt to rescue a kitten from beneath a burning car.  The photo was posted earlier today by Shabab Libya which calls itself the voice of Libyan Youth seeking Social Justice, Democracy, Free and Fair Elections via civil resistance.  I am asking Shabab if they have a photo of the heroic "Catman" and said cat from after the rescue.  I will update if there is a response.  Well done sir!!!  Well done!!

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