Sunday, June 24, 2012

Windham DI Car Show 2012

This opportunity came up pretty quick.

I guess this car show has been going on for a few years now in support of the Destination Imagination program here in Windham.  A friend of my son is in this program as are a number of his classmates so I like to support them when I can.

Seeing the signs earlier in the week for the car show I figured this would be a nice, low impact way to get the NISMO Stuff Racing, Frontier out there in the public eye.

While the threat of rain kept some entrants away, it was still a cool show with lots of unusual vehicles and attendees. The Frontier came in 2nd in its 1990-present class and took home a trophy. Kind of a robbery though as it lost to a plain jane, 1995 Monte Carlo SS. Looking as if it came straight off the showroom floor, it was in good condition...but really?? A virtually unmodified 1995 Monte Carlo?? I didn't know I lived in big time NASCAR country but I guess I do...

Still, it was a good day, great weather and a beautiful 240Z and 370Z were there as well. Can't beat that...

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