Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Go Work At SpaceX...

SpaceX, fresh off its success of delivering a vehicle to the ISS and returning it to Earth nary a hiccup it looks like it is on a hiring binge.  Given its multibillion dollar contracts with NASA and expressed interest to one day put people on Mars, the company is no fly-by-night joke.

Its current openings cross a wide range of engineering positions (unfortunately not much finance or else I'd be submitting my resume as well).  So, given the heavy duty engineering bent of the stage rally community and other motorsports enthusiasts I would hope that if you are reading this and have the skills needed, you will submit your own resume to them for consideration.  The jobs are mostly in California and Texas--two of the best areas on the country for wide open public spaces suitable for motorsports recreation.

The world needs engineers and other hard science practitioners to push the human race forward.  Instead of working on CAD models of some widget to go into the newest version of a printing press or government funded road resurfacing project, take your skills to somewhere they will make a difference in perhaps the outcome of the human race...If I had those skills, I know I would.

SpaceX Careers...

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