Monday, June 4, 2012

Found On The Roads of Windham, NH

Figured I'd steal this type of post from Jalopnik's old "found on the streets of Alemeda, California" posts as Windham, NH has some pretty good cars wandering around its streets as well.

Here we have the first Scion FR-S I have seen on the streets.  Still with dealer plates but looking really sharp and far more expensive than it actually is.  The attention to detail with this car seems excellent as there is even a rubber seal on the front of the hood to mate with the front fascia, creating a very solid appearance and likely deadening engine sound while improving airflow around the front of the vehicle.

Below is a beautiful VW Karmann Ghia 2+2 coupe.  Though the internals of this car are your standard VW Beetle, it is the exterior that makes the car special. Produced from '55 to '74 the Ghia had a long shelf life but surprisingly I see don't see many today.

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