Thursday, June 14, 2012

Braid Wheels Installed!!

So it took a bit....and it took a bit of wrangling...but they are on.

Changes needed included extended ARP hub bolts all around and a tad bit of expanding the holes in the aluminum spacers in the rear to fit the slightly large knurl of the Lexus IS300 standard hub bolts that needed to be used there.

As always with a customized vehicle, nothing is simple or easy.  But, the job is done and the wheels are on and look fantastic in my opinion.  They will see the dirt for the first time this weekend at Hyperfest '12 in West Virginia at the Rally Sprint there.

The Nissan Frontier will be trying to move up from its 4th place position in the 2012 Atlantic Rally Cup standings for 2WD.  The truck should be able to cut corners better than other vehicles but beyond that it will be a tough weekend on what looks to be a tight and technical layout in these more abbreviated events.

Ben Nadeau is my codriver for this event and will likely get practice in writing his own stage notes as I highly doubt any notes will be provided!

Regardless, we'll be back on Sunday night, Monday morning.  Look for results then and in the meantime, check out for items such as pepper spray, binoculars, knives, holsters and more!

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