Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hyperfest--Here We Come!

OK, sitting in 4th place in the 2012 2WD NASA Rally Atlantic Cup standings, it has come time for the second race of the year.

Earlier this year, myself and co-driver David Dennis finished 7th overall and 4th in 2WD at the Sandblast Rally in Cheraw, SC out of 24 automotive competitors.

The second event of the 2012 season will be on the upcoming weekend of 6/16-17.  Dubbed "Hyperfest" it is an allout motorsport smorgasbord with drifting, rollover contests, high performance driving sessions, road racing, stunt shows, car shows and on and on and on.

My interest here will initially be the Demo rides we give on Saturday the 16th to paying (not to us, to the NASA organization) customers.  Not only will it be a great way to get a day's worth of low pressure driving experience but it gets you a couple of points towards the season championship.

Then on Sunday comes the true competitive event, the Hyperfest Rallysprint.  Run over the dirt roads of the Summit Point motorsport facility there is little chance of severe damage to the vehicle and will again be a great learning experience.  With 21 entries listed so far it should be a very competitive event.

Codriving for me (4th different codriver in my first four events!) will be Ben Nadeau.  Ben has been Anthony Burden's codriver in a number of stage rally and hill climb events in the past two years and I first made his acquaintance last summer.  I am confident Ben will make a fantastic addition to the team and help bring us home near the top of the 2WD standings.  With more than 10,000 attendees it creates the largest opportunity for personal exposure in United States stage rally.  Can't wait!

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