Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Production Version of NISMO Juke

When shown in Japan last year the NISMO Juke was just a concept.  Now it is a complete, production ready vehicle to be introduced initially in Europe and then here in the US.

I'm still not sure I like the extra graphics and I can't see the top of the vehicle to see if the matte black stripe at the top of the windshield extends down the middle of the whole roof.  Regardless it appears NISMO is really stepping up to push their performance oriented history and capability.

With the NISMO Juke you will get improved engine performance with more boost from its turbo (though no figures have been yet released) as well as an improved (stiffer) suspension, a special torque vectoring system and functional aerokit and a host of aesthetic trimmings both inside and out.  No price yet but this seems to make what was a great little sport-SUV even better.

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