Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LOORRS Ratings from 10/15: Here We Go Again...

I had thought that the slightly later start for this weekend's LOORRS broadcast might result in a slightly higher TV viewership rating as this extra hour would give West Coast viewers an extra hour to attend church or get back from the Viper Room in time to watch the show.

This weekend's ratings show no such increase.

The 0.3 rating for the broadcast is identical to that seen for nearly all 2011 broadcasts with no real fluctuation or other trend.

The 0.3 rating equates to 0.3% of the 115.9 million TV households in the US that were watching this program.  This means roughly 348,000 households in the US were tuned in to this broadcast.  Using my typical 1.1 actual viewers of the program per "household" should estimate total viewership of the 10/15 LOORRS program at about 383,000 people.

College Football Countdown" 10/15 ABC 3:00-3:30pm 1.1
College Football: (regional) 10/15 ABC 3:30-7:00pm 4.1
"NASCAR Countdown" 10/15 ABC 7:00-7:30pm 2.6
NASCAR Sprint Cup: Bank of America 500 (Charlotte) 10/15 ABC 7:30-11:00pm 3.0
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing (taped) 10/15 CBS 2:00-3:00pm 0.3
"College Football Today" 10/15 CBS 3:00-3:30pm 0.6
College Football: LSU-Tennessee 10/15 CBS 3:30-7:00pm 2.8
ALCS: Rangers-Tigers: Game Six 10/15 Fox 8:00-11:30pm 5.0
World Gymnastics Championships: (taped) 10/15 NBC 1:00-3:00pm 1.0
"Dew Tour Countdown" 10/15 NBC 3:00-3:30pm 0.6
Dew Tour Championships 10/15 NBC 3:30-5:00pm 0.5
Horse Racing: The Queen Elizabeth II (Keeneland) 10/15 NBC 5:00-6:00pm 0.7
"IndyCar Countdown" 10/16 ABC 3:00-3:30pm 0.3
Izod IndyCar Series World Championships (Las Vegas) 10/16 ABC 3:30-6:30pm 1.5
"The NFL Today" 10/16 CBS 12:00-1:00pm 2.3
"NFL on CBS": (single) 10/16 CBS 1:00-4:05pm 9.9
PBR: Cooper Tires Invitational (taped) 10/16 CBS 4:30-5:30pm 1.2
Fox NFL Sunday" 10/16 Fox 12:00-1:00pm 3.4
"NFL on Fox": (regional) 10/16 Fox 1:00-4:15pm 12.4
"NFL on Fox": Cowboys-Patriots (88%) 10/16 Fox 4:15-7:30pm 19.1
"The OT" 10/16 Fox 7:30-8:00pm 9.1
World Gymnastics Championships: (taped) 10/16 NBC 2:00-4:00pm 0.8
"Dew Tour Countdown" 10/16 NBC 4:00-4:30pm 0.5
Dew Tour Championships 10/16 NBC 4:30-6:00pm 0.5
"Football Night in America" 10/16 NBC 7:30-8:15pm 5.0
"Sunday Night Football": Vikings-Bears 10/16 NBC 8:30-11:30pm 11.2

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