Monday, October 3, 2011

Hungarian champions for 2011 are known

This year’s Hungarian national championship is over, nine different drivers have celebrated the title in its 20 year existence. After exciting and balanced season Károly Fazekas, navigated by Albert Horn have become the most recent ones.
After cancelling the last planned race, Hungarian season consisted of six races. The season starter has been new race Aqua-Palace Kupa in a city of Hajdúszoboszló. The reigning champion Balázs Szalay has been close to win, hadn’t he got stuck in mud. He has left the first place to Fazekas, Erik Korda has finished second. Zsolt Murczin’s season has ended prematurely under dramatic circumstances; he had crashed heavily and destroyed his newly built car.

III. Rábaköz Kupa has been the second round of championship. Szalay and Fazekas have switched their positions, Korda has got second place once again. András Lukács has finished fifth on his second start with a brand new Impala Corvette. At the end of the first half the Hungarian championship has moved abroad. After Slovakia and Romania it has been Poland’s turn now with Baja Carpathia. Szalay has been fastest of Hungarians, just 10 second ahead of Fazekas. Korda has hit the tree and ripped off the wheel, thus ending prematurely, Lukács has been third.

The fourth race has taken place in spa city of Gyula. The disagreement between Olivér Solyóm, organizer of popular Prohun 500, and promoter Navigátor Sportmedia has ended up in a creation of Gyula Castle Cup. Szalay has won third race in a row, Fazekas has finished third, ha had lost to incredibly driving Korda. Domestic pilot Fernec Vörös has been close to podium result but ended up in a ditch just few hundred meters before the finish of the last special stage.

FIA World Cup has come to Hungary for the first time with VIII. HunGarian Baja. Hungarian pilots have been put to the test with other Europeans, the best on home soil was Fazekas. He has profited from Szalay’s mistake and this would be the decisive moment of the season. The title holder has finished eighth and lost his provisional overall lead. Third placed Pál Lónyai has achieved his best season’s result, second has been, as usually, Korda.

The Hungarian season has ended one race earlier than planned, with brand new Retro Rádió Nagykálló Kupa. Fazekas hasn’t taken any chances and won the prologue by one second margin on Szalay. The latter named has been in a lead on Saturday, but only for a while. Flat tire has delayed him which resulted in 2:38 min. loss at the end of the day. On Sunday Fazekas has been under enormous pressure of Szalay. In the last fierce attack Szalay has won all four special stages but still was 48 seconds short on overall win. The third place has gone to Lukács, Korda has finished fourth.

Final standings of 2012 Hungarian CCR championship:
1. Károly Fazekas / Alebrt Horn        BMW X5        178 points
2. Balázs Szalay / László Bunkoczi    Opel Antara RR        166,5 points
3. Erik Korda / György Tóth        Nissan Navara        127,5 points
4. Imre Varga / Imre Hujber        Nissan King Car    96 points
5. Pál Lónyai / Zoltán Garamvölgyi    Nissan Pickup        67,5 points
8. Zoltán Apáthy / Gábor Erős        Nissan Navara        21 points

Hungarian title holders up to date:
István Gál: 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 (8 titles)
Miklós Benyó: 1992, 1998, 2002 (3 titles)
György Selmeczi: 1995, 1996 (2 titles)
Sándor Kis: 2006, 2007 (2 titles)
János Balázs: 1993
László Palik: 2008
Miroslav Zapletal: 2009
Balázs Szalay: 2010
Károly Fazekas: 2011

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