Saturday, October 15, 2011

BBR: Brief Beer Review...

A relatively new "bodega" had opened up in my little town and I had yet to visit it until last night.

Offering unique beer, wine, cigars and some small amounts of food, I was really there for the beer.

I picked up upon recommendation of the store owner this English beer by the Wells company (family?)

At 5.2% alcohol and coming by the pint this beer is meant for just for a single dosage.  Which isn't to say it isn't good.  It is.  In fact its very good.

Pouring the beer into a proper glass one is immediately struck by the banana bread smell of it.  This is the most heavenly smelling beer I've ever come across.  I was shocked at how strong and pleasant its aroma was.  It literally had my mouth watering for some warm banana bread.

With an aroma that strong I was a bit worried that the beer would be too fruity flavored and ruin the drinkability of it.  I had no need to be.  While the banana bread flavor strikes the tongue immediately upon imbibing, it doesn't stay and is washed away by a true, clean, slightly hoppy taste with a spicy finish.

In truth the finish is a bit too close to that of one of my most detested beers--Duvel--but not even in the ballpark in terms of the strength of that taste and is thus acceptable.  In the end I was full and satisfied after one pint having enjoyed every bit of it.  If you're looking for a delicious, unique beer to expand your tastebuds, the Wells Banana Bread Beer should be on your list.

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