Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hella Map Light...

Just a small addition to the NISMO Stuff racing Frontier.

During the Black River Stages race my codriver was forced to use a headlamp to read her stage notes/map.  A white light headlamp that would bounce around as her head bounced around.

So to cure these little issues I installed a Hella map light with a red lens.

With it hardwired (little 12v draw required) in, its one less thing to think about and have to make sure we have in our hands or on our head.  Its adjustable nature allows it to be positioned exactly where the codriver will need it and when not needed it snaps neatly into place and out of the way on the ceiling.

The red lens keeps its light from ruining my night vision--even more crucial given I don't have any auxiliary lighting to this point and depend upon the stock headlights for night driving.

Just one little lesson learned from my first race and now corrected.

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