Friday, January 14, 2011

Nissan Juke -- The Sporty Package

As I have since first seeing the Juke at its North American unveiling in NYC last spring, I will maintain that I REALLY like the way it looks.  Yes its odd and divisive in terms of its styling choices but I personally think it goes together well.  Given the rave reviews its engine, if not its exterior, has received, I really would consider buying one if I was in the market.

Over at the Tokyo Auto Salon they are showing the above, which is a Juke with what they are calling the "Sporty" package with upgraded wheels, tires and body kit including a really nice spoiler.  Unlike the NISMO Elgrand seen in my most recent post, the "Sporty" package will be available to consumers throughout North America and Europe in the immediate future.

"Sporty" Juke at the Tokyo Auto Salon...


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