Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dakar 2011: Stage 4

Moving forward nicely.  Another stage down and another good run for the Nissans.  There are three unknown results from today but all the top Nissan teams are running well with four teams within the top 20 overall.  The DNF count is up to two Nissan teams.

As an aside, the best hope for an overall win and multiple Stage wins by an American, Robby Gordon, had a catastrophic wheel bearing failure, thought to be partially the result of a damaged spindle, which took him out of th event entirely...

#306  Nani Roma, Gilles Picard, Nissan Overdrive--9th, 1:08
#312  Christian Lavielle, Jean Michel Polato, Team Dessoude--11th, 1:13
#317  Andrew "Alfie" Cox, Jurgen Schroder, Nissan Overdrive--13th, 1:20
#324  Alexander Mironenko, Sergey Lebedev, Nissan Overdrive--15th, 1:42
#330  Boris Garafulic, Nissan Overdrive--21st, 2:33
#331  Francisco Luis E Silvia Inocencio, Nissan Overdrive--83rd, 7:40
#334  David Deslandes, Team Dessoude--56th, 5:14
#339  Frederic Chavigny, Team Dessoude--33rd, 3:51
#358  Ningjin Lu, Rely Double Star Tire Team--Never made the start
#372  Yong Zhou, Team Great Wall--UNK
#381  Carlos Machado de Oliveira, Team Dessoude--36th, 3:59
#384  Phillipe Porcheron, Team MMO--79th, 7:01
#394  Jose Manuel Salinero, Guardia Civil Rally Raid--53rd, 5:00
#402  Herve Toscano, Biscauto Team--54th, 5:04
#409  Dominique Laure, Biscauto Team--102nd, 9:39
#426  Kun Liu, Colcar Racing Team--UNK
#434  Hongzhi Guo, Team Dessoude--Withdrew on Stage 3
#435  Juan Carlos Caceres Simons, Peru Rally Raid Motorsports--UNK
#443  Roberti Hernan Javier, Raid 4x4 TV Team--104th, 9:45
#451 Adriano Vagnini, Raid 4x4 TV Team--89th, 8:21

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