Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nissan is Back in the Grand-Am Game!!


Now I have some new U.S. efforts to cheer on all throughout the year.

In 2010 I had high hopes for Brass Monkey Racing and their GT-R effort in the SCCA World Challenge series.  Those hopes were dashed when they had continued problems with the engine management of their vehicle and withdrew for the year early on.  Whether they make it back for 2011 is unknown.

But never fear, A.M. Performance will arrive in 2011 at the Skip Barber 200 in Alabama to take on the Grand-Am racing series.  Possessing three 370Zs, Mike Sweeney and Brian Lock will be competing across the country in one of (the?) top road racing series in the US.  Its a shame they won't be at Daytona but the three cars are in the tear down and build back up stage currently, hopefully in line for some March testing with their debut in early April.

I love the livery as show above and love the large professional shop with numerous employees shown below, a real business behind the effort, and Brian Lock's experience as the driver and head of Cobb Tuning Motorsports I have faith that this will be a solid team.  I also love the idea of a "spare" car.  If one has an issue in practice or qualifying, they should be able to swap out to their backup and keep racing.  All in all I am very excited and can't wait for some of the local tracks (Lime Rock, Watkins Glenn, etc.) to host some Grand-Am racing this year.

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