Friday, January 29, 2010

Travis Pastrana Leads Day 1 of Sno*Drift...

Color me a bit shocked...I'll give it up to Travis Pastrana for his performance on Day 1 of the Sno*Drift rally. Breaking his collarbone and with two plates and 15 screws newly inserted in his shoulder he goes out and sets the pace for the day so far. Four stages down and four night stages to go and TP is in the lead by :23 over Antoine L'Estage and by :33 over Ken Block. Block in his new AWD Fiesta came out firing and won his first ever competitive stage on Stage 1 of the day! How's that for putting everyone on notice.

Story goes so far that the conditions are brutally icy puting a number of competitors our on the very first stage. One thing of note is that due to Michigan law, no studs are allowed in this rally—all cars MUST be street legal and since studs are outlawed in this area of Michigan, all competitors are just running the best winter tires they can find.

Weather for the stages tonight?? How bout a high of 7 and a low of -2 with occasional flurries? Don't imagine there will be too many spectators and I hope the crews have nice toasty trailers!!

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