Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paranormal Activity: Movie Review...

First of all, let me say that I am personally embarrassed to have in any way contributed to the overall success of this film. I'm sure the producers of this "film" probably made a couple cents off of my viewing of it through Netflix and that is a few cents too many.

First off—An "R" rating?? What for? In the theatrical version there is virtually no blood, gore or violence...none. There is no nudity, no sex and fewer F-bombs than you will hear walking around your average American mall. I can only assume that the producers pushed for the "R" rating in order to get teens to think there was something subversive contained herein as what teen wants to go see a "PG" horror movie?

And horror or scares? You are likely to be scared more by your local Boy Scouts charity haunted house than the scares in this film. Ooooo...closing doors and loud thumping...Oh no!!!

Acting?? None...production value?? None. Storyline?? Less than none—absolutely NOTHING is explained in this film. No one knows why the main female character is being "haunted" or what is actually spelled out on the Ouija board (a Ouija board?? Seriously are we in 2nd grade here??)...

Truly I wish to spend no more time on this dismal excuse for a movie only other than to say that this film is a prime example of the gullibility and stupidity of the general American public.

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RC Miller said...

Completely agree with you, this film is overhyped pigshit. If you haven't seen them yet, for a great scare check out "The Orphanage," "The Strangers," or the remake of "The Last House On The Left"- your faith in contemporary horror film will be redeemed.