Monday, January 4, 2010


Though it didn't take place till the second day of the new year, this weekends broadcast of the LOORRS non-points finale was truly the last event of the '09 short course season.

The broadcast on Saturday 1/2 generated a 0.4 rating, equating to approximately 460,000 households and using my conservative 1.1 viewers per household average—506,000 viewers.

We now can look back and compare the major network results of the two series.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about comparing the two series is that each generate identical ratings in their fall/winter broadcasts. TORC generated a 0.4 and 0.5 on 9/6 and 11/8 respectively and LOORRS generated a 0.5 and a 0.4 on 11/29 and 1/2 respectively.

The only significant difference between the two series and their network coverage was TORC's June event on ABC that garnered a 0.7 which was the only broadcast that came close to CORR's ratings in '08.

Other than that I don't really think there is anything significant about TORC's ratings going up 0.1 points and LOORRS' ratings goind down 0.1 between their fall/winter broadcasts as that change is far too small to be specifically attributed to something in particular.

Looking at '10 and whatever (if any) major network broadcasts there will be for either series, I think the only thing we really learned from '09 is that short-course racing benefits from the less crowded summer sports season that does not see competition from either college or pro football. Neither series landed a knockout punch on TV in '09 and both have lots of room for improvement. We can only hope they get the chance.

Brut Sun Bowl: Oklahoma-Stanford, 12/31, CBS, 2-6PM 3.6

Tournament of Roses Parade, 1/1, ABC, 11-1PM, 4.2

Capital One Bowl: Penn St.-LSU, 1/1, ABC, 1-4:30PM, 6.9

Rose Bowl: Ohio St.-Oregon, 1/1, ABC, 5-8:30PM, 13.8

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl: FSU-WVU, 1/1, CBS, 1-5PM, 4.3

Allstate Sugar Bowl: Florida-Cincinnati, 1/1, Fox, 8:45-12AM, 9.2

Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic: Flyers-Bruins, 1/1, NBC, 1-4PM, 2.6

Figure Skating: Brian Boitano Spectacular (taped), 1/1, NBC, 4-6PM, 1.3

NCAA Basketball: (regional), 1/2, CBS, 1-3PM, 1.1

NCAA Basketball: Louisville-Kentucky, 1/2, CBS, 3:30-6PM, 1.8

AT&T Cotton Bowl: Ole Miss-Oklahoma St., 1/2, Fox, 2-6PM, 4.7

Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing (taped), 1/2, NBC, 2:30-3:30PM, 0.4

Golf: "Ticket To The Tour" (taped), 1/2, NBC, 4:30-6PM, 0.5

"The NFL Today", 1/3. CBS, 12-1PM, 2.9

"NFL on CBS": Steelers-Dolphins (70%), 1/3, CBS, 1-4:15PM, 12.3

"NFL on CBS": (regional)*, 1/3, CBS, 4:15-7:30, 9.5

"Fox NFL Sunday", 1/3, Fox, 12-1PM, 4.1

"NFL on Fox": (regional), 1/3, Fox, 1-4:15PM, 11.7

"NFL on Fox": Eagles-Cowboys (79%), 1/3, Fox, 4:15-7:30, 16.3

"The OT", 1/3, Fox, 7:30-8PM, 8.2

Figure Skating: Smuckers Stars on Ice (taped), 1/3, NBC, 4-6PM, 1.3

"Football Night In America", 1/3, NBC, 7:30-8:15, 5.1

"Sunday Night Football": Bengals-Jets, 1/3, NBC, 8:30-11:45PM, 11.4

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