Friday, January 15, 2010

Nissan Motorsports Quarterly Racing Groove...

My first official Nissan Motorsports quarterly publication. Nice to know I'm on their mailing list and they acknowlege my and my small efforts existance. I wish the newsletter and such were longer but, we'll take what we can get.

By far the most interesting note within the two pages is the initial paragraph which states:


Nissan Motorsports is pleased to announce that the Contingency Award and Racer

Support Program is returning for 2010. Performance awards have been added to the 2010 program

and the details will be finalized shortly. Please contact our email for more information or to request

the forms:

Holy crap!! Nissan is kinda sorta back in the motorsports game!! Looks like the absolute freeze on funding is over. I'm not about to get my knickers in a big bunch over this but the fact that they are mentioning the reintroduction of contingency awards and racer support and performance awards is a big step over 2009. Now we just have to get some friggin racers out there to take home some hardware under the Nissan banner...

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