Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nissan NV2500...In The Flesh...Kind of...

So what you are looking at here is the new Nissan NV2500 commercial van. This is what is taking the place of the Quest in Nissan's Mississippi plant during 2010. Now this pic give us virtually no idea what the van will actually look like as it has had Armada sheet metal cleverly (?) placed over its true form...according to the linked article however, the vents visible on the rear driver's side of the vehicle indicate some sort of fan system for a hybrid powertrain...I have my doubts as to that...Nissan hasn't produced ANYTHING on their own with a hybrid powertrain (the Altima hybrid is borrowed from Toyota) so I doubt their first step into the hybrid waters would be a commercial vehicle...but I could be wrong....In any case...look for these cool vans to begin competing with the Dodge Sprinter and others in mid/late 2010.

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