Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yazeed al-Rajhi Wins the Ha'il Baja in a Navara!

Yazeed al-Rajhi completed his first offroad victory in style, leading wire to wire in the '09 Ha'il Baja. Taking a Nissan Navara to victory lane and continuing Team Overdrive's (out of Belgium with South African built Navaras) recent success. Though the Ha'il Baja was stripped of its point standing by the FIA before the event began it will be run again in '10, supposedly with its point status returned...Regardless, it would be nice to see al-Rajhi show up at the rest of the FIA's Baja series during the rest of '09 and perhaps team up with Ivar Eric Tollefsen, Krystof Holoczyc and Lazlo Palik to put a serious beating on the other competitors at the hands of these incredible Nissans.

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