Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nissan Navaras Leading The Way!!

Again...this time at the Ha'il Baja in Saudi Arabia...Continuing his trip around he world, Team Overdrive manager Jean Marc Fortin has traded in his Spanish language dictionary for an Arabic one as less than a week after the completion of the Dakar, he is now assisting the current race leader Yazeed Al-Rajhi and his S.A. built Navara as well, which was actually down a cylindar only hours before the race began before a local bedouin Nissan enthusiast was able to source an identical part for the Navara engine from a Nissan Maxima some 300km away...a fact that not even the team engineers knew as they had already ordered a new Navara engine to be flown into Saudi Arabia from S.A....Unfortunately this race has lost some of its prestige as the FIA has stripped it of its points for the overall FIA Baja championship in response to Saudi Arabia preventing a Russian female driver from taking part in the race due to their strict (backwards?) religous laws...There are Nissan Navaras in 1st and 2nd currently (though only through the first prologue stage--but we'll take what we can get!!) and Yazeed is one of the favorites to win...Ha'il Baja gets underway!!

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