Friday, January 10, 2014

Tesla Model X Testing Spy Shot

The Tesla Model X with its Falcon Wing doors should be introduced to the world as a production vehicle next week at the Detroit Auto Show.  Testing of it however is continuing in real world conditions and some lucky West Coast enthusiasts are seeing them out on the streets.

This one was spotted in Culver City, CA.  As Culver City is quite a distance (370 odd miles) from the Tesla plant in Fremont, CA, this vehicle isn't on some sort of quick trip around the block and back so it is likely a very close to production version.  Perhaps even an early demo given to some Hollywood muckity muck who was supportive of Tesla early on?

Regardless we should be seeing more and more of these out in public.  It will be interesting to see if the same powerplant and batteries as the Model S can provide the same mileage and overall performance in the Model X--particularly when the soccer moms get a hold of it and stuff it full of kids and luggage--something that hasn't been a problem to date in the Model S.

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