Monday, January 6, 2014

Ho-hum...Another SpaceX Launch Today...

For the second time in a month SpaceX will attempt to launch a satellite weighing about as much as two large sedans, to geostationary orbit some 22,000 miles up.  Far beyond the orbit of the ISS these missions are as if not more impressive than those of docking with the ISS that SpaceX is better known for.

If successful, it should put SpaceX on equal footing with United Launch Alliance--the Boeing/Lockheed Martin venture that is the sole provider of DoD/NASA security and science satellite launches.  Orbital Sciences is not currently certified for such launches but may also be in the future.

Irony here comes from the fact that Orbital is the manufacturer of the satellite that is aboard the SpaceX rocket being launched today and is a major competitor to SpaceX.  The Thaicom satellite being launched will provide High Def TV broadcasts to Africa and Asia.

This launch will also be Kennedy Space Center's second major launch in a month, returning the facility to regular use as SpaceX is scheduled for a VERY busy 2014 with 15 launches on its current manifest for this year.  You can watch today's launch scheduled for a window beginning at about 5PM Eastern via the SpaceX website.

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