Monday, January 20, 2014

Highest Finishing Nissan in Dakar 2014

Well this wasn't really Nissan's finest hour in Dakar history.  They've put multiple vehicles in the top ten and five even in years past.  Their Dakar efforts are currently non-existing on a factory basis and are getting more limited by the year.

This year the highest "true" Nissan finisher (as in, among those vehicles with a Nissan body and Nissan engine) was Denis Berezovskiy of Kazakhstan in the #413 Nissan Patrol.  Fielded by Tecnosport SPA the effort had a stage best finish of 30th place during the 10th stage and finished the event in 37th place among the 62 finishers.  Given that the DNF rate was over 50%, just finishing is a HUGE accomplishment.

Unfortunately there isn't much more information on this effort other than Mr. Berezovskiy's Facebook page which can be found here:  Denis Berezovskiy's Facebook page

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