Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Writing Work!

Some of you might know that as a side (VERY side) job I used to be a "Senior Editor" at Nissan Sport Magazine.  That was until about a year ago when the magazine went belly up for lack of subscribers/advertisers (a chicken and egg thing).  Being a "Senior Editor" in title meant being a content creator of sorts crafting various articles and doing various writeups.  It was NOT an editorial position in the sense that work came to me and I cut it up, correct it, and fit it into the various issues that Nissan Sport was producing--far more a "writer" there than an editor.

Since the magazine closed up shop, this Blog has been pretty much my only writing outlet of interest and only one producing any side income (yes, this blog does generate income for me...VERY minimal...but I'll take what I can get).  But now, in part because of this blog and its content, I have been asked to contribute on a semi-regular basis to one of the most visited offroad racing websites in the world and certainly one of the most influential.

My first article for was posted today, directly linked here:Dakar Stage 4 Recap...

I am tremendously excited by this opportunity as the site is read by thousands of people daily and is widely consumed by the big names within the sport itself--both the racers and the media surrounding it.  Hopefully not only do I get to work on topics that truly interest me but that my work is satisfactory to the Race Dezert owners and I get a few articles a month to work on.  A couple articles a month would pay for a nice tow vehicle for the race truck after all!!  So I'll be posting here when I do craft a new article posted on Race-Dezert just to make sure you all don't miss it!

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