Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rallye Saguenay 2013, SS1, Spalinger/Dennis

This is the first external, long form video of a stage that I have captured for the team.  We have had prior video capture capabilities but I have not gotten my hands on the files or recorded them on a device I personally owned.

The video was captured on a ReplyXD 720 via a roof mounted position.  The video is available to watch in HD if you wish but is shown here in low defininition. The external microphone makes a mess of any audio in the video as you hear only the wind and such for the most part.

SS1 was a tight and rough (for the rally cars at least) stage.  We were slow due to driver caution and lack of confidence.  The truck itself performed well with no issues of any kind.  Dust was really bad if you closed with the rear of anyone which you can see we did not do here...

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