Friday, June 7, 2013

Food Review: Dunkin Donuts Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Glazed Donut

I knew this was a joke of a sandwich going in.  While D&D has test marketed it in the Boston area for some time before going national with it today it always seemed more like a PR stunt than an actual long term product offering.

On the face of it the idea of an egg and cheese on a glazed donut sandwich sounds like it might be a good idea.  Heck, my "go to" order at D&D is a bacon egg and cheese on a plain bagel, a glazed donut and a medium black French Vanilla.  So why not just cut some costs and time and slap the donut in place of the bagel?!?!?

Cause the flavors don't add up to a better experience when mashed together.  Mashed together might be OK in my stomach but not on my tongue.

First of all the sandwich doesn't look like that nice one in the picture above.  Its far more like the one in the picture below.  The process of cutting the glazed donut in half crumbles up the glaze and smooshes the whole donut.  The bacon is not exactly plentiful and the egg is all the whites of the egg, minimal to no yolk in mine.

The taste? first it was odd.  The mix of the SUPER sweet donut with the salty and slimy almost rubbery egg was almost shocking to the tongue.  The sugar seemed to overpower all the rest and did not go well with the overall texture.  Little of the egg or bacon taste came through.  After the oddity of it all wears off with the first bite or two the taste becomes downright unpleasant.  I didn't hate the sandwich but I definitely won't be ordering it again.  The cost savings of going from two items to a single one doesn't outweigh the benefit of keeping these tastes separate.  This sandwich gets an "avoid" rating from me.

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