Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2014 Nissan Rogue Spotted!!

 Heavily camouflaged but still exhibiting a sleeker, lower form--much like the Infiniti crossovers, the next gen Rogue also looks a bit longer as well.  The Rogue has been a big seller for Nissan in the US and this looks to continue with this model giving consumers more of what they like about it as a small-ish, inexpensive-ish wagon without wagon looks.

In Canada and elsewhere this will likely be dubbed the "X-Trail" or "Dualis" replacing a more rugged model in those markets and streamlining another section of Nissan's product line.  These photos were taken in Death Valley during hot weather testing--thus the need for the Uhaul trailer to put additional stress on the vehicle in real world conditions.  Additionally, the next generation Rogue will reportedly have a hybrid gas/electric drive option--a first for a Nissan SUV/crossover I believe.

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