Thursday, June 27, 2013

NISMO Juke RS Confirmed For 2014

Multiple sources are reporting that evidently Nissan is not content to leave the Juke alone.  Nissan has confirmed that it will offer a Nissan NISMO Juke RS in 2014.  This will be in addition to your base Juke, the NISMO Juke and the ultra expenssive Juke R.

The NISMO RS will fall somewhere short of the Juke R and its GT-R driveline but will reportedly see a substantial boost in power over the 215 hp present in the NISMO Juke and may even see a different engine entirely than the 1.6L turbo seen in the lower two models.  Additionally the RS will see a more extensive aero kit than the regular NISMO version possesses.

While this won't get you to full Juke-R status it certainly will be one of the most radical autos out there and would just be SO begging to be flogged in the dirt.

NISMO Juke RS confirmed for '14

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