Friday, January 11, 2013

How on earth this website has not popped up for a mention on one of the big automotive coverage websites is beyond me.  But here it is in all its glory.  Paper models are much more popular in other parts of the world than they are here in the States but you can find ones of Dakar vehicles and numerous other race vehicles from many international series. started out doing LandCruiser's only but has since evolved into Jeeps and even a commercial Mitsubishi box truck! Perhaps the best feature offered is the ability to hire the man behind these creations to make a custom version for your own uses.

You can see examples of the versions he has created for TJM and Maxtrax on his website.  Way cooler than any little promo photo or flyer handout.

My personal favorite is the Jeep Mighty FC concept model with full 3D wheels.  You can see just how much the paper model looks like the real thing by comparing the above model to the below reality.  Never has a couple sheets of ground up tree pulp looked so cool.

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