Sunday, January 6, 2013

ADVMoto--My New Favorite Magazine? magazine has likely been out there for a while (honestly I don't know) but I just ran across it the other day and immediately bought it.  Published bi-monthly in both a digital and print version ADVMoto concentrates on dualsport motorcycles, their owners and their adventures.

I've always looked up to the motorcycle guys (and girls) I've raced alongside.  They're WAY more out there than I am, all huddled up in my nice thick steel cage and 4000 pounds of steel mass.  It speaks to me even more so on the side of me that loves to do things on my own.

Plus I love seeing all the places that dualsport owners take their bikes--its even better than where rally and offroad racers get to take their vehicles, even more remote and untouched and wild.

Owning a little old KDX200 it has me searching around for what options do I have for making it into a useful dualsport bike and perusing the Internet for "best small dualsport motorcycle" recommendations.  Ahh, the power of print, quality writing and good photography...

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