Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Film Review: The Adventures of Tintin

Another family movie night come and gone...

In truth I had looked forward to this film more than the previous family movie night selections of Ghostbusters or The Goonies.  The Adventures of Tintin looked like an old school adventure flick for kids.  And it was.

No double entendres, no hidden jokes for parents, nothing that would make you think this film wasn't written in say the '50s.  This was a refreshing change from nearly any other "kid" marketed film I've seen recently.  It FELT like it had been taken directly from an old comic strip.

There is lots of similarities between this film and Speilberg's work with the Indiana Jones series particularly in the action sequences but its not a cut and paste.  The old school planes, boats, and guns combined with various exotic locations give it a very Jonse'ian flavor--but with out the womanizing and face melting.

What I was really impressed by was the image quality itself.  The film is not done via motion capture and the backgrounds and details are exquisitely done.  It is a truly beautiful film.

Daniel Craig is notable for his voice work as the main antagonist Ivan Ivanovitch as is Andy Serkis (Gollum and King Kong in the LOTR trilogy and the recent King Kong remake) as Captain Haddock.

My son woke up the next day immediately wanting to watch the film again and wanting to dress and look like Tintin that day as well and I don't blame him.  The film was fun and well crafted and its hard to beat that.

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