Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cool Little Datsun Truck Racing in Africa...

Proving that all is not dead in the world of Nissan/Datsun offroad racing is this little beauty.

Piloted by Alex Horsey in Kenya the Datsun pickup finished 4th in a strong field of 31 competitors in the first round of the Kenya National Rally Championship at the 2013 KCB Kajiado Rally.  This Datsun is some 30 plus years old but still runs near the front of the pack against much newer and AWD competition.

The Kick Energy Datsun runs in Group N and I guess is 4WD though I'm not sure I'd trust some 30+ year old CV joints.  Oh...and check out that wing!!  Looks like it was taken off a late model Mistsubishi Evo! You can see the conditions and much of the field during the race in the below video as well.  These look like some blisteringly fast roads!

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