Monday, December 10, 2012

Why I Won't Buy a Chrylser/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat, etc.

reason number one.  Any company this beholden to the unions is not a company I want to support.  Perhaps its short sighted by me but so be it.  A company who willingly hires drunks and dope-heads to build complex machinery and does not have the stones to tell the unions to pound sand when it comes to rehiring such individuals is not a company of which I want to knowingly buy its products when other offerings are out there.

I deal with this crap every day in hearing tales of my wife's place of business where she is hamstrung in implementing any sort of disciplinary action against employees who continually put their coworkers and patients in danger by their actions and that's enough for me to harbor a deep seeded and first person perspective hatred for what unions have become.  Unions were once created to protect the worker against mistreatment by an employer.  Now they serve the exclusive needs of morons and malcontents.  A saying frequently used regarding teachers can be quickly modified to fit the vast majority of union supporters (of which not all union members are part of).  "Those who can--do.  Those who can't--join a union"

Now if we could only get all states to be "Right to Work" states we might get somewhere.  Good on Michigan, where these morons are gainfully (is that the right word for these people?) employed, for becoming just such a state recently.  Hopefully it moves Chrysler and all the auto companies in the right direction for once.

Chrysler has to rehire idiots...because of union idiots...

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