Sunday, December 23, 2012

Datsun 510 Racecar For Sale

I'm always perusing Craigslist for classic Datsun vehicles despite the horrific death I would suffer at the hands of my wife should I ever choose to purchase such a project.

This doesn't keep me from dreaming however and this recently available vehicle (currently listed on Craigslist in Vermont) is one such car that has my mind wandering off into the clouds.

Though this is advertised as a "barn find" I don't think you could classify this as a "find" given the owner knew it was there all along and just hadn't touched it in year and the cage certainly needs updating to make it truly race worthy.

That being said, the car looks like it is in great condition compared to most 510s found these days and could translate into a wonderful hillclimb or tarmac rally car in short order.  $8000 is a bit steep for a car needing a fair amount of work but if the buy could be talked down to about $5K, it would be a great pickup for someone.  It already has a host of upgrades including a fuel cell, upgraded brakes, a fire system, performance engine changes, etc...unfortunately not me...sniff...sniff...

Datsun 510 Up for Sale in Vermont...

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