Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coming Soon to the NISMO Stuff Racing Frontier...

Tis the offseason...and in the offseason, what do we do?  We look to make our race vehicles better.  Not just faster, but better. This addition to the race vehicle definitely falls into that category.  While not making the vehicle faster it will VASTLY increase the speed and safety at which the truck will be able to travel at night.

Until now, for the first full year of racing, I have relied solely upon the Frontier's stock headlights for illumination.  While the standard headlights are more than sufficient for highway and normal driving, they don't have nearly the distance and definition I would like for racing.  Instead of being able to gauge the road and terrain hundreds and hundreds of yards in advance as I can during the day, night time closes that distance down to say 50 yards, maybe less given the conditions.  When trying to go flat out on a road sometimes barely as wide as your vehicle, this is a major issue.

The 32" LED bar seen here will be mounted on the truck in the near future.  I won't give away how it will be mounted but that will be forthcoming soon.  Throwing out over 11,000 lumens this lightbar should provide plenty of light for me to navigate the forests at speed.  LED lights do have a reputation for being great at near and intermediate distance illumination but slightly lacking in their ability to light up objects at a distance.  Therefore the lightbar won't be the only additional lights.  Two eight inch HIDs will also be joining this lightbar to make sure I have all areas covered.

The light here is from who has a working relationship with my favorite fabricators over at BTF Fabrication.  Hit 'em both up for great stuff at great prices.  Look for some more BTF work here in the near future.

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