Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hot Wheels Citroen C4 Rally

I'm not a big Hot Wheels collector or anything, I just can't help but take a peek at the Hot Wheels (Matchbox cars generally suck, aren't named according to their model and offer a much smaller selection) section of the toy store whenever I visit.

About one time in 10 I come across a car model I'm interested in--an old Datsun, a sweet GT-R, a Ken Block rally car, etc.

This past week I came across this Citroen C4 Rally car.  The cool teal color is different than most Hot Wheels and really caught my eye.  Add in the hood louvers, the roof mounted air scoops and orange tinted windows and you have a sharp little car--even if it is based on a French manufacturer's product.

A $1 Xmas gift for myself!!

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