Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Bumper Coming to a Nissan Frontier Near You...

well, closer to me than you actually...but you get the drift.

Brandon over at BTF Fabrication has the frame horns done at the moment and is finishing up the rest of the bumper currently.  It should ship within a couple weeks.

The 32" LED lightbar I showed a couple weeks ago will be mounted on the top of this bumper, as will two HIDs, ensuring optimum lighting and providing a bit of protection to my radiator/underside that I have previously lacked.  The front of my NISMO Stuff Racing Frontier is completely bare at the moment--no skid, no lower bumper cover, nothing...just the bare steel bumper...

As always, Brandon's work is top notch and beautiful to behold.  In the end, the bumper should look quite similar (though not exact) to the one seen on Gil Green's Frontier seen below except with a lasercut BTF logo in the front skid.

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