Thursday, September 13, 2012

NISMO Leaf RC In Its First Race...

I guess I'm coming around on this whole electric racing idea.

I'll definitely miss the smell and sound of petrol driven vehicles but racing is racing right?

And here we have what is the NISMO Leaf RC's first real race.

Taking place in Japan this isn't exactly a apples to apples fight.  The NISMO Leaf RC is a purpose built race car that bears no resemblance to any vehicle you can buy at the local dealership.  The Tesla coupe however is stock in nature and not much different than those that came off the assembly line.  The Tesla ends up winning the race but not by nearly as much as I thought it might given that the Leaf still was only powered by the stock motor, simply moved to a more race-oriented placement.

Glad to see the Tesla win in this case as I'm rooting for that company, of any in the EV market, to make a name for itself and be successful.

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