Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Next Generation Xterra Revealed?

So is this the future of the Xterra?

In the distant future...perhaps.  Or at least Nissan seems to be indicating so.  The TeRRA concept vehicle has been revealed today prior to the Paris auto show.  It is a fuel cell electric vehicle--meaning not a plug in electric like the Leaf or Volt.  It gets its electricity from onboard fuel cells, likely hydrogen based.

With its big wheels and tires, high ground clearance, pronounced wheel arches and hidden rear door handles it certainly looks like a future version of the Xterra.  The question is, just how much in the future this would be.  With regular electric vehicles struggling (particularly Nissan's Leaf) moving on to a fuel cell powered unit seems very distant.

If it keeps the Xterra in the Nissan lineup I'm all for it and I'm even starting to come around on the idea of electric offroad vehicles.  I'd love a high performance offroad machine that doesn't require drums full of gasoline.  If the performance and cost structure is there, count me in as a TeRRA customer!

Nissan TeRRA revealed!!

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