Friday, September 7, 2012

Great Australian Rally - 4WD World Border Ranges Rally

 Australia seems to have a wonderful rally scene in general and a great historical rally scene in particular.  A great example is the recent 4WD World Border Ranges Rally.

While this race was won by an Evo XI and your usual WRX and three EVOs (two XIs and one XIII) made up four of the top five results, its further down the field that the real interesting cars were contained.  For my tastes I enjoy the sixth place finish of Mike Bailey and his Nissan GTi-R.  Additionally there were seven "classic" Datsun/Nissan entries out of the 57 total entries and all seven finished the event.  The models entered included the aforementioned GTi-R, a Nissan Stanza, two Datsun 1600s, a Datsun Sunny and a Datsun 180B.
For Ford fans the remarkable turnout included 10 old school Escort that have always been viewed as an excellent classic rally vehicle.

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