Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nissan 200SX--Its BACK!!

(also known as the 240sx here in the U.S.) Not exactly in the form it left but return it will.

A favorite of sportscar enthusiasts of all types (drifting, rally, time attack, hillclimb, etc.) the model went away some years ago (in 2002) from all markets.

With Nissan looking to release new vehicle about once every six weeks through 2016, the 200SX has come back into favor as a small sportscar with the potential to be a Miata or BRZ fighter.

Supposedly the new 200SX will be built upon the new Daimler-Benz mid-size platform that Daimler is developing for Infiniti and Nissan (it will also be the underpinnings for the next Z and Infiniti G amongst others).  The 200SX drivetrain may also be purely electric or a hybird of some sorts.  Regardless, its good to see Nissan coming to the table with a small, light, sporty offering in the near future...

Nissan to produce Next Gen 200SX...

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